Project 9 not working

I've already read here:

My issue is different.

I have everything wired up properly (as far as I can tell). I've checked 100x for the last couple hours.

The motor doesn't spin when I push the button.

If I remove the 10k resistor, the motor spins. And spins very nicely.

If I replace the 10k resistor with a very low resistor, the results are random -- the motor will spin and stop and then continue to spin. With lower resistor values, it might have a tiny correlation with button pushes. The lower the resistor value, the closer to something sane happens, but it's still just nutty.

With higher resistor values, pushing the button has no effect -- the motor doesn't spin.

I'm pretty lost at this point.

I've checked everything (including checking that all the wires work) and cannot find any reason why it doesn't work.

I also checked the buttons -- they all seem to be good.

What could I possibly be doing wrong?