Project About LoRa Security

I'm doing a project about LoRa Security
I'm using a peer to peer connection between two lora Node
I have to send an encrypted message that verify data integrity , authentification and confidentiality
So I installed this library
but the problem consists of how to implement this algorithm on a lora sender and reciever
some help please

I dont see this is a LoRa specific issue.

LoRa libraries, like libraries for other radio devices, normally have the ability to send and receive a buffer of data.

So in essense you dont need a LoRa specific solution, but most likley the question is how do I encrypt and decrypt a buffer of data.

Not worked with encryption libraries myself.

Use the RadioHead library RadioHead: RadioHead Packet Radio library for embedded microprocessors and, more specifically for LoRa nodes and gateways RadioHead: RH_RF95 Class Reference where RadioHead: Examples provides client node and server node examples.

With that, one can send reliable datagrams that are also encrypted.