project advice needed

I'm new to this and would like some advice. The project I would like to do needs a screen that would be able to display about 5 words at a time coming from a memory bank of about 1000-2000 words. I would like to be able to change these words from time to time.

What I would need is some type of programmable display, a micro-controller to run it, then some way to store 1000-2000 words that can be edited.

Is there a micro-controller that would be able to store that many words? My understanding is that each letter would take up a byte of data (at least the ascii characters). If the controller cannot store that many words I was thinking about storing the words in a micro sd card and use a controller that could read that. ideally costs would be minimized. Any advice is welcome.


A good way to do this is to buy an SD card, or shield, depending on your "wiring" skills, that would hold the words. SD cards usually interface to an arduino with a library supporting a basic filing system, which is also very helpful. Cramming that many words in microprocessor RAM would get you up to a high end processor that would be overkill for your project.

How big are those words? There are 'simple' 20 character times 4 lines displays; in that case the maximum word length would be 20 characters.

You can start with a basic kit that comes with a 16 character times 2 lines display to get the experience. A kit will basically give you all the components that you need. Later replace the display with a compatible 20 time 4 one.

Add a SD shield and a SD card for maximum flexibility to store the words in a file.

You can use an SD card module connected to an Arduino. The file stored in the SD card can be read and written by Arduino: Then you can print the words you want on any display such as the nokia 5110 or a 2.8/3.2" display.