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Sir, Anyone please help me..... in my recent project i am using 4 arduino boards..(1 due and 3 unos). Due is used as master and UNOs as slave in I2C.Due is attached with a touchscreen and we are setting corresponding values using touch screen and sending it to corresponding UNO. Here my question is.. we are displaying the current time with an RTC DS3231. the same time base should be used for slave ICs also. because then only all the boards will be synchronized with time. As millis() is not accurate we cannot use that. the whole system may work continuously for 2 or 3 days depending on the condition. So my doubt is how to synchronize all the boards with an RTC. ( i have checked it with one rtc and continuously called by all the boards.. but we are not getting values.. only one board is getting the time values..) Please give me a solution.......

Well, in your other post in which you hijack a 3 years old thread, you seem to be saying that you can not get any I2C communication going. This one mentions nothing about that. So did you fix it?

anoobtb: only one board is getting the time values.

Then fix your code so that all the boards get the time values.

As you have not posted your code how do you expect us to know where the problem may be?

How closely do you want the time on the boards to be synchronized?