project advise..

Greeting to all. This is my first project build of any kind.

Before I go into the details of purpose of the build I have some basic question about the:

Nano V3.0 for Arduino & 8X Seven Segments Display + 8X Key + 8X Double Color LED Module for Arduino.

  1. How should I connect the 2 units named aboved on the PCB.

  2. Should I load the OS before or after the 2 units are connected.

I have other questions but these two are most immediate. I got the idea for this build from another more advanced builder but up till now I cannot get a reply from them.

I feel after I have got the material merged together I can work out the rest with minimal help.

Thanks in advance.

1) Need the specs on that board, because it has additional electronics on the back - probably a MAX7219/21, and a 16 bits of shift register for the 8 2-color LEDs - does the seller have any specs or information on it? How are the buttons wired? etc - there is nowhere near enough information here.

2) Arduino does not have an OS. If you mean the bootloader, then yes - but if that's an official board (and probably even if it's not) the bootloader is pre-installed.

This one ? It is used with this code : Also how to connect can be found at the tm-1638-library project.

Full documentation :

Thank you both again. I'm trying to read as fast as I can. @ Drazzy also which board are you asking specs for? @Peter_n I've read the tm1638 pdf. I see the diagrams but I dont see where I should or could add wiring.

Thank you.

Maybe I should add the question is there a specific PCB that I should use to connect the 2 units together?

After re reading the offered pdf I find that section 11 is the closest diagram for what I am looking for. Am I right?

Hi, Can you tell us what experience you have with electronics, programming and hardware?

Thanks Tom..... :)

Experience is low. I can use and read a voltmeter. I can solder. I have read alot of electrical theory books. Its the practical that I lack in. I am in the midst of learning C++. I am A+ & N+ certified if you are talking about pc hardware.

I see after further reading I am missing a number of important devices for connecting this nano to PCB.


I thought this would be a simple and quick wire up. Well I learned to swim once. I'm here to learn to swim again.

So I see how the Nano is attached but I still need help with how to attach the display board.

Thank you all. This will not be my last project, its just that if I dont start with one (a project) when will I ever start one?

Heres another example of how the nano is connected to the PCB. This time its directly embedded to the board.

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