Project based on hall effect sensor


Can anyone help me, please?

I just tried my codes with the sensors but it did not work as I wanted. It runs for 10 times with one sensor only. I want both output ones. As if, 3000 time it will ON after contact with first sensor and then wait until it contact with second sensor then turn off .

flow chart will be like,
(Start > Magnetic Sensor 1 ON → Solenoid Valve ON → Magnetic Sensor 2 ON —> Solenoid Valve OFF ) 3000 times.

First of all I declared the global variables

 /*Declaring Global variables*/
int sensor_1_pin = 2;        //hall effect sensor output connected to Ard
int sensor_2_pin = 3;        //hall effect sensor output connected to Ard 

int led = 7;                      //Declared LED 

int sensor_1_value = 0;     
int sensor_2_value = 0;

int cycle = 3000;
int v = 0;

void setup (), has been described as it is simply just declared the pinModes.

/*Declaring Setup  
void setup()
  Serial.begin (9600);
  pinMode(sensor_1_pin, INPUT);
  pinMode(sensor_2_pin, INPUT);
  pinMode(led, OUTPUT);

My main issue is the loop. Last two weeks, I tired a lot to sort it out. there are 3 issues and those stuck me for ages.

Issue 1: when I brings the sensor1 closure to the Magnet, it LED turn on until I remove it but I want to remain it on until the (second sensor) sensor2 come close to the Magnet.

Issue 2: When I brought the sensor1 close to the magnet, it runs for 3000 times until i remove it. But I want the led will turn on and then sensor 2 will be closure and led will turn off. AND OVERALL, it WILL COUNT as 1 CYCLE.

Issue 3: the following code give me value like “Sensor 1 Value = 1” and “Sensor 2 value =1”… No idea why??
Please help.

void loop()
//read and store sensor value (1 or 0)
  sensor_1_value = digitalRead(sensor_1_pin);     //Collect Sensor 1 Value from the sensor 1 pin
  sensor_2_value = digitalRead(sensor_2_pin);     //Collect Sensor 2 Value from the sensor 1 pin
  Serial.print ("Sensor 1 value = ");                                     
  Serial.println (sensor_1_value);
  Serial.print ("Sensor 2 value = ");
  Serial.println (sensor_2_value);
 //if sensor 1 value doesn't match sensor 2 value
  if (sensor_1_value != sensor_2_value)
  { if (v<cycle)
    {//if sensor 1 value is HIGH
      if(sensor_1_value == HIGH)
         {digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
          Serial.print ("Sensor 1 value = ");
          Serial.println (sensor_1_value); }
//if sensor 2 value is HIGH
      else if(sensor_2_value == HIGH)
         {   digitalWrite(led, LOW);
             Serial.print ("Sensor 1 value = ");
             Serial.println (sensor_1_value);}
v++; }
 sensor_1_value = sensor_2_value;

However, I actually, want to get the feedback from the sensor and led will turn on and off according. As when sensor 1 will bring closure to the magnet, it will turn on and then it will remain on until sensor 2 will come closure to the magnet. Similarly LED will remain off until sensor 1 will bring closure. and cycle will count only when the LED is turn on and off once.

Please help.
Please help anybody. I am hopeless. :frowning:

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