Project Cases

I just found this company. It looks like they sell plastic sheets, that could be cut and drilled to make project boxes.

Has anyone ever used this company before? I'm not 100% sure what I'm looking at, do you think this would work? Do they need to be ESD safe?

I was thinking of getting some of the 12" x 12" x 1/16" sheets.


Acrylic is OK, but 1/16" is far too thin to be drilling ino the edge of it. Making boxes could be done with glue, of course, and it would be easy enough to drill holes theough from outside to inside a box. Even so, 1/16" is probably too flimsy. I'd go at least 3/16" or a little more.

As well, it isn't the easiest material to cut and shape. There are a number of boxes available for projects from folks like Hammond, though they are a bit pricey. You can find a variety of boxes on eBay, of course. Search "Waterproof Plastic Electronic Project Box" for boxes for outdoor use, or leave off "waterproof" otherwise. I picked up a few waterproof ones for about $3 US each, from China, with free shipping.


I found some clear boxes from that search on eBay that look pretty cool. I'll try these instead of building my own.