Project chassis material

Hi all,

I have some foam board which I am currently building some small projects out of, but I am wanting something slightly more sturdy.

I was thinking along the lines of LEGO, but obviously it looks very... childish?

I cannot afford a 3d printer otherwise that would be fantastic, any ideas? I want to make some sort of sturdy, big robot thing, not entirely sure yet!

You can get GPO-3 (glastic) and paint it so you won’t get any glastic particles in the air. You can also use Lexan to make boxes using crazy glue or epoxy or L-brackets.
You can get the Lexan from Tap Plastics and the glastic (GPO-3) from IPI Plastics

The GPO-3 is heatproof and electrically non-conductive .
It is similar to working with wood but is available in shapes and sizes that wood isn’t because it is man-made.
You can drill it and cut it.
If you want vacuum formed plastic you can have it made by Gary Morgan

Thanks :)

I cannot afford a 3d printer otherwise that would be fantastic

You can get items 3D printed by companies like Shapeways'm sure there are others)

I don't think the cost is that high.

But of course if you don't get your design correct, what they print will not fit or work.

I have a cheap home made 3D printer and find that I normally have to take several attempts (prints) to get my design right

1/4 inch thick wood. Check the lumber yard.