project circuit

Hello, I’ve been getting used to the fritzing software to draw my circuit out before actually start wiring it.
I have a arduino mega 2560 with a xbee shield that controls 4 dc motors(2 each with 2 MDD10A motor driver) and 4 separate servos.

Here are the specs:

170rpm Econ Gear DC Motor
Nominal Voltage: 12V
Current(No Load): 0.10A
Current(Stall): 3.8A

HS-785HB Servo
Nominal Voltage: 6V
Current Drain(No load) = 285mA
Current Drain(Idle) = 8.7mA

Servo Gearbox(Mine is 5:1 Ratio):
170RPM Econ Gear Motor:

I will be using two MDD10A motor drivers which can use up to 10A per motor, with 10~35V.

So because I’m a high school student with not-so-professional electronics knowledge, I’m getting confused with the voltage regulator.

I was looking into using the voltage regulator modules, but I just wanted to make sure if what I drew on Frizting is all right.

My current plan is to use a 3s1p 11.1V 5000mah 40c Lipo battery. I’ll start by powering the two motor drivers parallel, giving around 10A each, then use the voltage regulator to lower down the voltage and wire servos in parallel to give 6V 1A each.

Basically, it has to be two parallel motor drivers, then regulator, and then the servos. I haven’t figured out how to power the arduino yet(since people says it will be dangerous if it goes over 1A)

I’ve attached to .fzz file itself in case anyone wants to take a closer look, but I would really appreciate it if you can just let me know if anything’s wrong!

Fritzing diagrams are confusing, misleading and nearly useless for communicating circuit diagrams. Yours is a good example of why we dislike them so much on this forum.

You are much better off learning the international language of schematic diagrams. We much prefer seeing hand drawn diagrams (yes, pencil and paper), with components properly labeled and pin numbers or identification added. Who can make sense out of the black component on the protoboard in your diagram?

Please start here.

Here’s the really simple drawing of how I’m trying to draw my circuit.
Sorry for such poor schematics drawing, I’ll try to learn from the website you wrote.

I just wanted to ask a question about the voltage regulator, because the input amp does matter right?
I just don’t know which regulator module to use when using 3s1p lipo with 40C discharge as an input.

The issue is that Fritzing doesn't produce circuit diagrams, it produces wiring diagrams. A wiring diagram is to aid building of a given circuit on a given board/chassis/etc. It is not designed to aid comprehension of the circuit function, and typically it greatly hinders comprehension because the layout is completely at odds with how we think about circuits.

So a circuit diagram or schematic is solely to explain how the circuit works, at a high level, and should exclude unnecessary information, and be well laid out (signal flow left to right, power flow top to bottom) They are the language of electronics, whereas a wiring diagram is just a picture of a built circuit.

Hand-drawn schematics are usually the best, because its easy to focus on the essentials and quick to do.