Project CNC Standalone

To you who are reading me: Hi, nice to meet you!

I am sending this message because I am wondering if it is possible to preload 3 (minimal) Gcodes (not necesserily gcode but I want the motors running as if it was Gcode) into the arduino (each of them will be accesed with a button).
The CNC machine (in my case a 3d printer) wil then start printing according to the button you just pushed.

I am fully aware that my question is a bit vague, but please can someone help me..
Has this been done yet? If so where can I find an exemple?

Thank you for your time



Are you talking to the CNC using serial? You could maybe have an arduino with SD card to hold the three gcode programs. And depending on a button press the corresponding file is opened and drip fed to the CNC machine.
It might be worth checking the Reprap project for a better answer as I'm sure someone will have asked/done this already.

Are you talking about entering GCode into the Arduino that is controlling the 3D printer or are you talking about entering the GCode into a separate Arduino that will then send data to the 3D printer?

What exactly do you mean by 3 Gcodes. Do you mean 3 single GCode instructions or do you mean three files of GCode instructions?