Project Coding/Circuit Writing Help

We are designing 3 lightswitches to connect to a speaker so that each switch plays a different sound. For example (Switch 1) will be a beeper noise, (Switch 2) will make the speaker say “YES”, and (Switch 3) will make the speaker say “NO”. I am having trouble writing a code for this, and also figuring out how to hook everything up to the Arduino Uno (using certain pins). My mentor stated it would be best to write up a circuit to figure out what pins will connect where, but I don’t really understand the pins and which to use for PMW. Please help with either writing a circuit or a code! Deadline is soon! Need help now!!

Do you have the switches, and how are you intending to make the sounds?

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I took the speaker out of a "Staples That was Easy" button and yes I have 3 lightswitches from home depot.

How are you saying the words? Do you have a sound device, or does the Staples button make the sounds you need?

I found this site online and thought this would be our best bet in speech.

Otherwise I honestly don't know.

From your link...

Cantarino is a software speech synthesiser for Arduino. It is still a work in progress

I'd start thinking of a plan B if this doesn't work.

Now, that all said, why don't you describe your assignment so we can understand what you're doing, rather than asking for us to:

Please help with either writing a circuit or a code! Deadline is soon! Need help now!!

Also, you should become familiar with:

My assignment is to design a speech synthesizer for a child with cerebral palsy so that he is able to answer questions in class. there will be three light switches for him to press. one with a buzzer (which would be like a child raising his hand). one that will say yes and another for no to answer the question.

That sounds like an excellent project.

Speech synthesis can be tricky. Have you considered using green or red lights as indicators first? Maybe yellow for " I don't know"

Do you mean green or red lights to tell the teacher yes or no instead of actually speaking them aloud?

Yes, maybe try this first to get your switches and logic working before trying to get a voice synth to work.