Project Collaborator needed in italy!


Firstly, I apologize for cross posting. Posting this topic in nation specific category seemed to be more relevant and helpful, hence I'm re-announcing my requirement here.

I’m an artist-designer from India working in the area of technology, art and everyday life. I’m currently an artist-in-residence at cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto, Italy. I’m looking for an active collaborator (Preferably from Milan or Turin) from for a project that I’m currently developing as part of the program. The work will be presented at the premiere art fair ‘Artissima18’ in Turin. The collaborators role is to participate in realisation and fabrication of the project.

The project is essentially about electromagnetic spaces or ‘hertzian spaces’ in Anthony Dunne’s terms. Physical interaction and aesthetics is the core of this project. It is realized by the medium of physical computing through the platforms such as arduino and processing. Further details on the concept can be shared if interested.

Skill-set required Custom electronics and sensor technologies Arduino prototying

Pay & Benefits Since the project has a limited funding and is only applicable for the material expenses, Hence I’m unable pay any attractive perks for the collaboration. May be a small fee could be discussed. Also the artist/collaborator will be equally credited for their work wherever presented. The project if realized well may also be presented or submitted for award shows in future. Opportunity to experiment and explore in physical computing. I’m also open for any artistic views or ideas that would shape and lead the project for a betterment. Hence, I see this work as a collaboration and not purely as an assistance.

For any other queries, please contact me at

Grazie! Sunil