Project Completion Help

Hi All:

I have built and tested my Project and is a reality now. It has taken a good 1 year and 3 months of intensive work to complete it. The whole thing is working nicely; but its just a prototype. Basically is an Arduino connected to a Computer to perform several tasks, move a motor to several positions and sequences, activate several solenoids, activate lights, take pictures, sensing parameters, analyzing the measurements and give results. Many interlocks, warning messages, on screen keyboard, digital filters, real time graphs, video, logging data an many real time calculations involving many variables and arrays to make the whole thing work. The main program is written in processing and has about 18000 lines of code. The Arduino code is about 10KB. I built everything from scratch including the selection and input boxes to input data and auto search functions. The main computer controls everything and Arduino controls the outside "world" under main computer commands and sends data back to the computer. That been said: I can't complete the Project and make it a reality. Now I need to build the thing for real; but that will require funds I don't have. I can't afford this anymore.The prototype I built already cost me about $2500 plus the amount of time I put into it. For example: -I need to have a PCB built. maybe $300 -I'm using a Sensor that cost me $130; but does not have the accuracy required. The one required costs $750. -I need the real motor required that's another $60. -A serious temp/humidity Sensor which is another $150 -Real good solenoids. One of them is like $160 -And the list continues. I estimate in parts it will cost about $5K . Plus several other things like testing, etc.

These are my questions now. -How can I get sponsorship to finish this thing?. -Where do I go?. -How do I find help to do it?

I concentrated until now in building the thing. Now I have it done which is completetly different from saying "I have this idea" It will be harder to get help with just an idea.

Please let me know any suggestions, Thanks.

indiegogo or kickstater? search for crowd funding

Thanks I will