Project concept- 12vdc motor speed control with daylight switch and remote SIM

HI everyone,

I'm new to Arduino but learning quickly.
I'm needing some guidance or direction for the following parameters for a fan motor I need to control and looking at crowd sourcing this info to drive via Arduino??

Fan Motor is: 12vdc at 6amps

What I'm needing is for help on:

  1. To run the fan motor thru a 12v relay ( Moffset IC or solid state control) so that the control motor speed runs at 50% or lower as the fan is too noisy but if I slow it down its great.
  2. For the fan to run only during the day when the solar is charging the battery.
  3. For the fan to run 1hr on then 1 hr off over the solar day.
  4. Source code for the upload or help with it if possible

Would like to drive this by Arduino..??

Once this has been perfected and I'll prototype then get all the code etc posted back up here for others.

This fan unit is to air vent an insulated container on the west coast in NZ that gets mould from high humidity and high rainfall. Needing to move air around from the 12v solar supply and not waste battery AHrs..

At present the fan runs direct from a 20w 1.1Amp solar panel direct only on sunny days. but need to run this fan more consistently.

Also hoping to advance this motor controller in phase 2 to have SIM card control via remote switching app etc.

if anyone has any leads as to how to start this beast, Im very grateful.