Project direction suggestions

I am looking for input on what direction I should go as far as sotware. I would like to use a mega Arduino with a 7" touch screen. Where I need advice is what to use to program the Arduino and the GUI. After alot of looking my head is spinning. :~ I do not have much programming experience, so I have been trying to find stuff that is easy to use. My project will involve controlling 2 tempuratures, reading linier transducer and controlling a couple stepper or servo drives. I am not wanting to do it all at once, and realize I have to walk before I can run, so what is a good walking software. Thanks to all, Richard

The temperatures and motor control and so on all sounds fine, but driving a 7" touchscreen could be problematic. I don’t know what touchscreen you have in mind or what size it would be in pixels, but it suggests a frame buffer size and related data quanitity which is way beyond what an Arduino could support. Unless you get a display and driver board designed to be used with an Arduino (i.e. incorporating the necessary frame buffer etc) I don’t know how you’d get that to work. I have no idea whether there are any 7" touchscreen displays that support Arduino, but to me it seems unlikely. Perhaps you ought to be looking at one of the hybrid Arduinos which include an onboard computer for the display related stuff, but you would still need to check that the display you got is compatible with it.

I was thinking this shield and this lcd