project doesn't work, why?

I am making the project for school. Once I managed to put it up correctly, so everything worked, but now the same set up doesn’t seem to work (the set up and was recorded here Vidme). Anyone any suggestions?

the code was:

//Arduino to I/O for RAPID, ABB control
int pressPin = 0; //pressure sensor to Arduino A0
int initReading; //variable for the initial reading,
// of the pressure sensor.
int reading; //variable for storing current pressure
boolean startUp; //sets up a calibration ‘switch’

int di1Pin = 9; //sends signal to robot controller

void setup()
//Serial.begin(9600); //Setup a serial connection for debug.

initReading = 0; //Initialize initReading.
reading = analogRead(pressPin); //Reading equals the value,
//returned by the sensor.
startUp = true; //Initialize the calibration switch to ‘on’
pinMode(di1Pin, OUTPUT); //Pin 9 is set to SEND a signal.


void loop()
calibrate(); //calls the function defined below

reading = analogRead(pressPin); //Reading equals the value,
//from the sensor
if(reading < initReading*.9) //If reading is less than 90%,
{ //of the initial sensor value,
digitalWrite(di1Pin, HIGH); //send a signal to the controller.
else //Otherwise,
digitalWrite(di1Pin,LOW); //send no signal.

void calibrate() //The first thing to do in the loop,
if(startUp == true) //if the calibration switch is on (which it is),
initReading = reading; //set initReading equal to the sensor
startUp = false; //And shut of the calibration switch.

My guess is wiring.

I the wiring looks like the one on the pics: yellow goes to ~9, blue-ground, orange-5V, white-A0

the vibration motor is attached to red and green cables. the blue wire from pressure sensor connects with 5v through breadboard, the other blue from vibration motors goes connects to the ground.

I hope you can see what i mean.

I think with this wiring it should work, but i’m new in it, so i guess sth is not right

I don't see the battery anywhere in your picture. Where do you connect that?

I think with this wiring it should work, but i’m new in it, so i guess sth is not right

Make sure it is wired up the way it was when it originally worked.

Hi, check the wiring around the input device, what is it? If it is a resistive type pressure sensor, then the resistor that is across it, I think should be going from the sensor to the gnd or supply. The way you have it there is no current flow through the pressure sensor to measure a voltage across.

Can you please post a copy of your circuit, in CAD or a picture of a hand drawn circuit in jpg, png or pdf?

Tom.... :)