Project Ducky: Project Dorothy, but for the ocean.

At first i thought it would be cool to build autonomous kayaks to help people study the ocean better.

That seems viable and I know that people have done it before... but I wanted to do something different.

There are some articles about rubber duckies washing up ashore from an old shipping container wreckage, helping scientists better understand the ocean.

I want to make a Dorothy, like in twister, but for the ocean.

unless this already exists.

I looked into LoRa, and the cost of some SIM card modules, but I really don't know what the best option to send data cheaply in the ocean would be.

Think of a waterproof floating ball that sends location data, maybe connecting to other balls to make a mesh network.

If anyone knows anything about cheap ( because we want long range scientific data collection in the ocean with arduinos/microcontrollers, I am all ears.

seems like this might be interesting to look into for right now...


Lots of people are already doing that. Examples: