project failed, need input

I used a hall effect sesnor and a relay that made the circuit of my camera conenction complete. In other words, when the magnet was close to the hall sensor a photo was taken. I was hoping that this would be before it could touch the sensor, but i think the relay delays it to much.

Does anyone have a idea of how i can change my idea to make it work again?

Does anyone have a idea of how i can change my idea to make it work again?

Perhaps a stronger magnet? Strong Neodymium Magnets - Applied Magnets - Magnet4less

Perhaps instead of a relay you could use a suitable opto-isolator?


I prefer not to order magtnets again.
I need to trigger 2.5 volt with the 5volt of my arduino, can a opto-isolator do that?
I could change my structure but the opto-isolator sounds intresting.

This is one option (processor is a Picaxe, use appropriate pins on the arduino) :

However to close the shutter on a camera (not the flash due to potential high voltages fed back to the processor), I have used a 2N7000 FET.


I figured the camera itself has a delay around 120ms. I can bring that back by around 60ms with using the mirror lock-up function on the camera. However that's still slow.

Texy, for the image, there is output, 1,2,3,4 is that the arduino?

Think about it. Is the output coming or going to the camera?
Is there anything coming from the camera?
The clue is also in the diagram. :slight_smile:

Incidently, why does it need to be so fast - what are you capturing?