Project Feasability and Difficulty - Complex-ish Engine Sound Simulator

Hello guys!
I have to make a project for school based on programming and Arduino mixed both programming and electonics which I like so why not?

What I intend to do is an engine sound simulator, with analogic accelerator, brake (basicly backwards accelerator), clutch, and button for gears.

There would be different cars aswell. The way I see doing this is including several audio files, for example:


And so on.
It would pitch up the LowRPP_Accel until the analog controller outputted a certain voltage and then would crossfade into MidRpm_Accel.

Now the big problem here, is it do able? I’'m not aware of the Arduino’s limitations, this is honestly my first arduino project.

Is it able to play wav files with an acceptable quality, pitch it up, and control volume levels according to the analog controller?

Thank you in advance!