Project feasibility advice


I’m very new to Arduino and programming itself so I could use some advice.

I’m making a project with an Uno as the microcontroller.

The basic idea is this: A laser+LDR sensor will be hooked up to the Uno. The Uno will be reading the input from the sensor and everytime the beam gets cut it will do the following:
(1) Send an SMS using a GSM shield
(2) Output a low frequency (<20Hz) PWM signal on one of the PWM output pins.
(3) Switch on a logic level mosfet for another circuit(using another pwm output at 100% duty cycle)

Is it feasible to make the Uno do these things together?

Yes - that would be easy for an Uno.

What is the purpose of the low frequency PWM signal. At that low frequency you may not need to use the built-in PWM system.

A PWM at 100% duty cycle is just a pin set with digitalWrite(pinNum, HIGH).


Very nice. I'm glad to hear that.

I'm going to feed that low frequency PWM signal into another circuit. I'm trying to minimize external components so I'll just use that instead of creating another circuit for the PWM.