Project feasibility - GCSE Geofence

Hello everyone, my name is Daisy and wanted to ask for some advice on this forum.

I'm new to both Adafruit and Arduino but looking to use some of these electronics in my GCSE Design Technology project I am working on. I found the tutorial on Geofencing ( ... figuration) and I'm keen to follow it for my project.

Our project is costal safety and I am thinking about making a smart life ring. The idea is to use the FONA 808 to detect the life ring has moved then send a text message to the coastguard to alert them, while tracking the life rings position on a map. However, I was thinking about using Neopixels to light it up rather than a buzzer and LED from the instructions.

I was thinking about two sets of electronics, one to do the tracking and one to light it up. The advantage of using two sets of electronics is I could use something like circuit playground to detect acceleration / movement and power the neopixels. I might be overthinking this! However could the arduino light the neopixels?

Thank you for reading and sorry if this doesn't make much sense, I'm new to electronics / programming but keen to learn.

Okey. Yes, any Arduino can handle neopixels. Just check if there is a need for drivers.