Project Feasibility - MIDI input to toggle LEDs


I have been asked by client to build a project using ARDUINO. I am a developer, so reasonably confident on the software side, but with a much more limited understanding of physical computing, so this is slightly out of my comfort zone. Before I take on the project I wonder if I could ask for some guidance as to whether it is a reasonable prospect please.

I need to take signals from the show control program Qlab to toggle multiple LEDs on and off. The ARDUINO can be plugged in by USB whilst the sketch is running. I have no experience with Qlab, but have been told by the client that it can output MIDI signals through USB.

My understanding is that the ARDUINO can read MIDI input through a USB cable, although I have not found many accounts of people using it in this way. Am I correct in this assumption? I have been looking in particular at the MIDI library here -

If the ARDUINO can read MIDI input through the USB cable, then my inclination is to associate each LED with a particular musical note. So the MIDI to turn on A (as in the musical note), could target a particular LED, the midi for B turn on another LED and so on. The corresponding note off signals would then turn off the LEDs. How does this sound as a strategy?

Finally, more broadly, am I approaching this project in a sensible way? Is MIDI the most appropriate way to do this?

Thanks very much for your time,