Project Feasibility Question

Your attitude makes it easy.

Well, maybe I'm old school....but my 95 year old Nana always says you catch more flies with honey than vinegar!!

Haha. That's true. Old school..., I'm 68, retired, but being an engineer all my life the joy of solving problems still gives satisfaction.

Amazon - expensive, especially outside the USA.

eBay - not as many sellers and not necessarily good prices,

Aliexpress - generally best range and prices (though not so good since the plague) but of course, shipping very slow from Wuhan. :grin:

I'm only grandfather was an engineer....he was the chief engineer who designed the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar. He was a born tinkerer.....after he retired from Lockheed, he worked for Bombardier on the LRC tilting train program and engineered the tilting system.

What types of locomotives did you drive? I've always been a fan of the GE Genesis passenger locomotive and the AC4400...

True that...I'm definitely going to pursue this project and start procuring the bits and pieces that I need to make this happen!

Impressive record, desiging both plains and trains.
I still drive railcars, on veteran railroads in Sweden. The type is Y6 - Y8, and Yp05.

Very cool.

My grandfather was a fascinating man. He started his career working for Avro Canada on the CF-100 Canuck and then transferred to the CF-105 Arrow.

After "Black Friday" (the notorious firing of the entire Avro Canada staff when the Arrow program was cancelled) he moved to California and was hired by Lockheed. He held various rolls working on projects within the "Skunk Works" and then he was placed in charge of the entire engineering team responsible for the L-1011. While it didn't sell as well as the DC-10, the L-1011 was far superior in just about every other respect. Even today, over 50 years after its first flight, the TriStar had technology that hasn't been duplicated on any commercial jet.

If you are interested, I wrote an article on the L-1011 that was published - here is the link:

I'm leaving on a 5 day trip, but I will try and check in when I have some time. I am going to get all of the parts mentioned above and start fooling around with this project when I get back!

Thanks again everyone!!

Thanks for the interesting link! Fascinating reading. Looking at National Geographics launching air crash investigations some facts are well known, like the sloppy cargo doors failing...

When You have time to kill, take a look at the advice in the very first topic: "How to get the best out of this forum" especially the tips telling how to proceed in system building. Build code and hardware step by step, one part of the system at the time until time for system integration.

Hey there...

So I'm finally back from a trip that felt endless!

I didn't get any time to read up on the suggested reading in this forum but I am now off for 10 days and will be spending a chunk of that time reading up on this. I must admit that I still feel incredibly overwhelmed by this and i can't help but wonder if this isn't somewhat beyond my capabilities.

I'm still open to working with someone and paying them to build this project for me...

If anyone is interested, please feel free to message me!


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Start up some more simple projects, play and learn.
There is a Youtube guy named thedronebotshop that have plenty of projects and he is showing things clearly, made for beginners.

It sounds as if you need to figure out whether you want to acquire Arduino skills to use in the future or just get this one project done.

I can understand why you would think that way.

I do want to learn about Arduino and ultimately be able to write programs and code. However, for what I am wanting to achieve with this project, I can't help but wonder if it would be easier to work something out with someone to build this project for me (being paid, of course) and then start from scratch with learning about the Arduino platform.

I'm not trying to take the easy way out.....I'm just trying to balance my needs vs. my abilities.