Project Feasibility: Self regulating humidity and temperature box

Greetings all,

Would like some information on the feasibility of my project, the idea came from the need to have a growing plant box inside a caravan home, in a small corner that required minimal outside help to sustain itself.

The original way I set about thinking how to do this was to have a DHT11 humidity and temperature sensor attached to the inside of the box, and have that connect back to an Arduino board that detected if the temperature goes above or below a certain value, or if the humidity changes, that would then either start or stop a fan to regulate temperature, or to add water or remove water from the box to restore the humidity

Another feature would be to also have a water pump feature that was able to be cycled at various times in the day.

So if anyone has any information for me I would love to hear, and any tips and pointers would be much appreciated.

Sounds totally feasible to me, and if you follow what others wrote about it (plant growing is one of the most common automation projects out there) it'll be a pretty straightforward build.