Project Feasibility using Roboduino 328

I just got into this so there will be a lot of questions coming.

For my first effort I want to build a sensor bot. The platform will be one of the pre-fab models. It’s a fairly small chassis, so I plan to stick to small stuff at first. First module, for instance, will be a smoke detector.

As I understand it, I need to attach the Roboduino to the chassis for now.

Question 1. Can I eventually move the Roboduino to a safe spot and have it control the ‘rover’ from there?

Question 2. I would also like to collect data from the ‘rover’. Are SD cards a good intermediate step?

I would eventually like to add temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, explosive gas detection, and GPS to it. (And whatever comes out next.)

Another question: I see mini-boards with no obvious means of mounting them. I haven’t received my Roboduino yet, so I have to ask, how do the screws work? Does the Roboduino have matching holes?