Project Feasibility - Vibrating Dance Suit

Hi All :)

Just writing on here to get some thoughts cleared up on the feasibility of a project I am embarking on, and if possible to come up with some sort of plan to do so.

As my senior project/capstone for school I will be producing a live performance in which a dancer will wear a custom motion capture suit with haptic feedback.

I will be creating an entire suit (pants, hat, shoes, gloves, and top) that I would like to somehow integrate anywhere from 4 (the compromise) to 15 (the dream) vibrating motors into. These motors would in theory be able to be triggered to vibrate from a separate interface.

I am thinking that I would be controlling these by bluetooth but just wasn't sure if it would be possible to use so many or how the system would be linked up. I have used the Adafruit Flora before and knit together some wearables but wasn't sure where to start planning for this. I know this is an extremely large goal, but any help breaking down what I would have to tackle/learn would be great.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Best, Izzy

That should be doable.

I assume the vibrations will be "programmed" rather than reacting to the music?

You'll generally need an output-pin for each motor (although there are ways to "expand" the outputs) and you'll need a couple of I/O pins for the Bluetooth module. For example, the Arduino UNO has 14 I/O pins but I've made a sound-activated lighting project with 48 individually-addressed LEDs... This could be 48 addressable motors.

You'll need MOSFET or transistor drivers for the motors and of course a battery big-enough to run the motors (depending on how long the performance is and how often you want to change/charge the batteries).

I think the main challenge (besides programming) will be fitting the electronics & mechanics into the suit/costume.

Oh... The "usual problem" with a "performance" is usually the schedule... If you haven't done anything similar in the past you may run out of time learning, designing, building and debugging.

Teledildonics? :roll_eyes:

Control by Bluetooth is possible, as long as the controller is within range. Bluetooth has a quite limited range, and depending on the size of your stage may not be able to reach the other end. You may need to use other radios such as nRF24 modules.