Project Feasibility

Hello all,

First off, please forgive my ignorance, I just started reading about arduino as I think it can really simplify my life for the type of work I do.

I am a general IT consultant. I do a lot of ‘out of the box’ projects that most would not take on. My most recent project was a physical sound board for an educational learning center that wouls play animal sounds depending on the button pushed. Lots of fun for the kids. To accomplish this project I actually went with a PC to drive the intelligence and MAME controls for the buttons.

After a lot of reading I am coming to the conclusion that I could possibly do all this and then some utilizing Arduino. I do have a bit of coding background although I have never used arduino. I have played with Pi’s and sketch and all that fun stuff too.

What I am looking for is a piece of intellegence that can have the flexibility to be used for different projects without the overhead of a PC.

My next project is going to be a simple sound board with 6 button on it. There will be a name tag next to each button that will have the name of an animal with a question. Once the button is pressed it will illuminate an LED on the board for x seconds, and then play wave file A followed by wave file B, and then the LED will de-illuminate.

I have attached a basic overview of the function. The idea is an interactive display for young kids for another education center.

I would like to know if this is something the Arduino can handle, and if so, can I get some references as to which articles I should read up on to familiarize myself with the programming of the arduino as well as the electrical engineering side of the machine itself.

I did play with the ScratchX beta program a bit and I can see where the logic seems to be present in that application, but I hate to make purchases based on assumptions.

If it works well I may replace my existing PC setup on my other sound board with an arduino too.

Thanks for any help in advance. I look forward to reading the response.

Sound Board 2.pdf (53.4 KB)

Simplest way is to get one of these:-

On that site there are lots of example projects not too far removed from what you want.

Thank you for the guidance. I believe this product will do most of what I want to accomplish. The last remaining question is the LED control. I didn't see anywhere in the documentation for either adafruit devices for LED control. I did look through some of the projects and I did see a lot of helpful guides, but nothing that address LED illumination AND sound file playing.

I know the wave shield likely integrates with the arduino board directly and would allow that functionality, but I can't find much about using those two in tandem. Still looking though.

Would I be better off getting a standard Arduino board + wave shield to handle the LED & sound functionality, or stick with this sound board I linked + a arduino each doing its own function?

Thanks again, I am making progress already based on your suggestions.

I believe this product will do most of what I want to accomplish. The last remaining question is the LED control.

Because that is a stand alone unit then you can't control LEDs with it. If all you want to do is light an LED as long as a push button is pressed then you can do a bit of a circuit around the push button.

but I can't find much about using those two in tandem.

No you won't mainly because it is blinding obvious. You just add the code to light your LEDs to the example code to play the sound file. They don't interact so there is nothing to tell you about how they work together.

Ok thanks. I think I will pick these two units up to experiment with.