Project Feasibility

Hey guys!

I’ve only recently started tinkering with an Arduino so I have no idea what is possible and what not.

The idea is to design a device that counts objects passing, f.e. people, vehicles (ultrasonic? detection range of 6 m would be optimal).
It should be able to send this data wirelessly to another module which would adapt its behavior based on that data. They are sort of daisy chained together like this: device 0 (D0) sends its data to D1, D1 to D2 and so on. The distance they are apart can be as large as 100m.

To make matters more interesting, if possible, they should be completely independent power wise (built-in battery + solar panels?).

I’ve read a bit about low power modes and a few BTLE board that are being developed, but I fear the range for those might be a problem (I saw 77m mentioned somewhere in a test).

Any thoughts?

Thank you!


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Well, anything except realtime video processing on a 8-bit 16 MHz uC. 8)

What is meant by "f.e. people"?
100 meter separation, you probably need to use regular RF transponders like these

The rest seems feasible.

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figure out what one does
get that to work

figure out what the next one should do, get that to work

once you have two units to work, have talk.

after that, the next set should be copies...

Thank you for the quick replies!

It needs to detect traffic, which can be anything depending on the location. Most of the time it will be motor vehicles though.

My main worry was the wireless comm and the power consumption since it’s not possible to hook them up to the powergrid on most locations.

So you figure it would be possible to design it in such a way that it can be powered by a battery pack that gets recharged by a small solar panel while keeping the total size relatively small?

I’ll have to work through the Arduino basics first though, but it’s good to know I have a possible project to work towards for the next couple of months! :slight_smile:

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PIR curtain sensor should work for that.

the solar panel will be the largest item needed
but it sounds like your on the right track