Project feasibility

Hi Guys,

I am a total newbie when it comes to pcb electronics and was wondering the feasibility of the following.

I basically have to create a system that takes 3 inputs (analogue sensors) and uses a 3D lookup table to output a voltage (which will in turn drive an actuator to a specific extension).

I was wondering if anything had been done similar to this (with respect to the 3D LUT portion), and if the Uno could handle this?

Many thanks for any input!

  • Hob

It depends how big your 3D table is. Depending on the size of each table element (how many bits) and the table dimensions, you could run out of memory very quickly. Any idea on these numbers?

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Could always add some external memory via SPI interface to add more, that shouldn't be a limiting factor.
Something like ATMEL AT45DB642D 8Mx8 FLASH would provide plenty of storage.
4-pins for SPI, 3.3V power, gnd, couple of lines to pull high if not being used.

Hi the tables are not very big, only around 5x8x5,


Then yes, the Uno should have no trouble handling this. A 5x8x5 table has 200 elements. If each element is a 16-bit integer (I'm didn't say...) that takes 400 bytes. You have 32kbytes of FLASH so there's plenty of space.

Just make sure to use PROGMEM so that this 400 byte table doesn't take up space in RAM:

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