Project for 10YO daughter

Help me get my daughter thrown out of school!

Just kidding. She came to me a few days ago and told me she wanted to go to Walmart to get a shelf that “EVERYONE” has at her school. Well, I don’t go to Walmart because they suck, so instead I offered to her that we could build a shelf that was much cooler than any of her friends had. So I was thinking that to be really cool, it would have to require some programming and have electronic components, right? So, what should I do? Blinking LEDs? Maybe a text display, but what would it display? A Clock?!?!?! Any other ideas out there?

It’s just got to be cooler than this:


It is a shelf. How cool can it really be? What would you program it to do? Hold books? It should be able to do that on its own.

Maybe this would be a good opportunity to teach a 10yo about the problems of trying to "keep up with the Joneses"

Well talking about your 10 years old d. and giving an example of the metal shelf why don't you
build something with your own hands from wood, would be much cooler and you will gain experience.

Here is an example: (You can make it bigger but for 10yod would be fine)

No need to waste time of building something extra for such small things.

you can make a lot of cool shelf with black light and interacting with humans/books..etc

But it really depends on what you wanna build.
If you need something small just go buy that wallmart shelf :smiley:

Well, a plain ol' board from Lowe's might work, and you could take an Arduino and some Adafruit neopixel and gin up a very colorful and dynamic shelf. Go for it.

Not electronic but how about incorporating a marble run round the shelf.

Or light sensors looking up so that LEDs light up where the books / folders are placed in.

10YO is a little on the young side for Arduino. It's basically going to be something you built for her and not something she had a lot of input or control over.

If you must incorporate an Arduino in the project, make it something like a little blinky Lillypad with a light sensor or switch for interaction but it's in a paper flower. A ten year old can make paper flowers. Give her the paper and paint and you will get a lot of creative designs back.

Maybe I'm underestimating the 10 year old. Paper flowers might be too simple.

How about adding 2 speakers, an MP3-shield and some capacitive sensors to operate the project ?
If she can "magically" command her favorite group to start playing by just waving, the joneses won't have a chance :slight_smile:
It would of course already be quite "magical" if she could turn on a light/ operate an RGB-led that way.

P.S. D60, it's a pity the fibonacci-one isn't exactly bent as it should, but I certainly love the shelves shown.

Build a Shelf on the wall that will have a rail and auto short books by size, having a Tablet of computer on
s/he desktop with a book database sawing what books s/he have, pressing the book that s/he wants the shelf
automatically will push ..etc a book on the automatizated rail and bring the book on the desk.
The rail must be behind the shelf and hidden to make a more clean job and making people wander how it's working.

Each point of the shelf will have exact shorted books and each missing book on that empty space of the shelf
will be lighted up with a led (meaning that each book will have a led under) you will be able to activate the night mode or put a light sensor and activate the shelf sawing every missing book by lighting up each empty space.

That's a nice bada$$ shelf :smiley:

Hope you like my idea.