Project for 15 Meters LED (60 leds/m) Strips

Hi, I hope you all are doing well!
So I plan to put some leds around my room and I've been searching around a lot but I'm not sure if I can proceed with what I have in mind or if I'm missing something, so I hoped you all would give me some light and answer some of my questions :slight_smile:

My room is around 13m, so I plan buying three 5m WS2812BECO strips with 60 leds/m.
As far as I searched, I would need a 5v 60amp power supply, with 16awg cables going along the strips to power each end and start of the strips, and I plan on controlling them with a ESP8266 NodeMcu. I plan on powering the ESP8266 from the same power supply.

I made a drawing of what I have in mind:

My doubts are:

  • With this distance, will the one single data signal from the ESP8266 get weak since the strips are connected in series or is that something I don't have to worry about? If I have, what can I do to solve?

  • Is it safe to use 16awg or would be better if I used a thicker one? Or if maybe I'm overreaching using 16awg and I can use a thinner and cheaper one?