Project for radio controlled model train

I have been looking at what is needed to run a small remote car and wondering if the same process/parts can be used to run a small train (very basic).
My thought was that I would need a transmitter and a receiver using
NRf24L01, Arduino Nano a motor controller and power at this time would be by battery (eventually using track power).
I realize these items could not be placed inside my train but they could be in an attached container.
My question is are these the smallest parts to accomplish this ? Could there be another option? Would a lipo battery work?
Any suggestions and assistance would be appreciated.

Completely plausible project. Those parts are quite small, the whole thing might fit in a boxcar, you didn’t say what scale train… :expressionless:

lipo batteries are amazing and quite usable here. I recommend using a 2s or 3s pack (7.4, 11. volts nominal) and a good step-down or “buck” regulator of sufficient current capacity.

Plan conservative on the current. Getting a regulator that does 200 percent your maximum load is helps keep things cool and happy.

Start here

You can find cheaper units, but you will get what you pay for.

Testing regulators like this in real world conditions is necessary.

Also if you do go lipo, learn about the chemistry, it’s a bitch kinda, and get a decent charger or charging system.



Search for train related posts by @Robin2, IIRC, he put an NRf24L01, a battery and a standalone chip to control it into a number of model trains (00 scale I expect).

Be warned though - he has a lot of posts!

One thing not mentioned in your shopping list is a ‘driver’ for the train’s electric motor.

Probably a small h-bridge to convert the low-level signalling from the processor to the voltage & current required by the motor

The scale is HO.

Thanks for the info will be looking into the li-po and the regulator.

Wow your not kidding - i have started to make my way thru these.

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