Project for Robotic Hand

Hello Arduino Community, I am planning on starting a project that is based on an animatronic hand that is powered by servos and flex sensors. Currently I have an arduino uno. Will that be enough for controlling five servos and five flex sensors? Do I need any shields? Thank you.

Hi… I think a Uno’s up to the job.

From what I read, flex sensors use an analog pin so with a Uno you will have one spare.

Servos need just a digital pin for control, so a Uno has plenty.

Remember the golden rules of servos (which you may know already: sorry if I’m stating the obvious):

  • Don’t power them from the Arduino- only use it to provide the control.
  • Budget about an amp per motor, so for 5 you need a hefty supply if they move at the same time. (Although you can just as easily have 2 or more supplies: just hook the grounds together.)

Attached is a pic showing servo connection. Once again, sorry if I’m stating the obvious.

Many servos- small.jpg