Project: gas-sensor comparision

Hey guys,

I would like to compare a few gas-sensors like MQ-131 ozone sensor with one of the sensors from UST - Umweltsensortechnik.
So for example the GGS 5430 T-sensor would be a candidate.
I'm using the Arduino Uno and for better mobility it should be supplied with and external supply like batteries or powerbank.

Because I'm still at the beginning of electronics, I'm really not sure how i should set up my circuit. Especially when planning on using more than sensor at the same time, while they often have different voltages needed.

I would really appreciate it, if someone would take the trouble and show me how to plug it up.

Thanks in advance

please, read this.

@ruilviana I'm not quit sure what's missing, I changed the category if thats what bothered you.

What is missing is: you do not have any sensors, but you want someone to tell you how to hook them up to the Arduino.

To find tutorials on how to connect an Arduino to a sensor with name or model number "XYZ", it usually works to search for "arduino XYZ".

So then let me try again,

the GGS 5430 gas-sensor has 4 pins to it. 2 for the heating, 2 for the measurement.
As you can see in the datasheet, the heating voltage is 2,5 V while the measurement voltage is less than 250 mV.

My question now: do you have any suggestions how I should plug it up?

@Paul_KD7HB a guess how I can lower the voltage to <250mV would be a good start.

@jremington I honestly couldn't find anything to this topic, which is the main reason I made this post

The GGS 5430 has the same design as the MQ sensor series, so you connect them the same way (see the MQ-131 data sheet for a connection diagram).

If you want to power the heater from 5V, you will need to use a 20 Ohm resistor in series with it.

Presumably, the "measurement voltage" means that the absolute maximum current through the sensor chip is 0.25V/R0, where R0 is the chip resistance when the heater is on. You could limit that current with an appropriate series resistance to 5V as well.

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