Project Guidance - Arduino + TFT + GPS

Hello everyone,

I would like to hear your oppinions related to my adventure with Arduino.

A am a total beginner although I have built an Arduino project based on instructions I found on a website. I would like to further expand this project but first I need to know if Arduino can actually support all this.

My project was based on Arduino Uno and it had a dew sensor (DHT22) which measured the dew point based on the temperature and humidity readings. If the temperature measured via another temperature-only sensor (DS18B20) would come close to the dew point, Arduino would activate dew heaters through NPN-D transistors. The 16x2 character LCD display would show the readings and the state of the dew heaters. I had 4 heater outputs and for temperature sensors, one for each output. I believe I will be able to switch to one sensor for all four outputs.

Now, I would like to further develop this project using a larger TFT LCD screen. Which one would you recommend? I am looking for, say, a 3.5“ dagonal LCD. With touchscreen capability.

Is this one any good?

I would also like to implement a GPS module for reading the location. We, astrophotographers, are using this data usually at the beginning of the session, so this module does not need to be functioning all the time. It can be activated through a menu for one-time-per-night usage. Which module should I get? Is it possible to read the GPS data through a COM port on a PC?

Is it possible to build a simple menu? One for the dew heater control and one for the GPS readings for example?

Can Arduino Uno cope well with all of this? Should I get Arduino Mega instead? Or perhaps a totally different MCU with larger memory?

I would like to thank you in advance for your answers and help.

If you need more info, please let me know.