Project Guidance - motorised wireless charging phone holder (landscape!)

Hi guys,

I would like to design a nice looking cradle for my car project that holds my phone in a landscape format, and somehow gently clamps the phone down to hold it in place while wireless charging. I know this has been done with many chinese phone holders such as this one: Motorized Wireless Car Charger Phone Mount by DesertWest Review - YouTube

I've never seen a landscape on though, and even if there were one, I would like to design this to look like it came with the car. I guess I would probably get the wireless charging part from a "donor" charger pad, so the part I need to focus on is recognising that the phone is in the cradle to auto clamp through a pressure or proximity sensor of some kind, then I would need some kind of small motor to do the clamping.

The motor arrangement I have not tried before with Arduino - does anyone have any good suggestions of hardware setups that might work here...?

Why use a motor? It seems a servo would be easier to control and easily do the clamping needed. Probably cheaper, too.

My terminology has let me down! Yes a servo would be a better candidate... Are there any good places to find off the shelf designs that might be suitable? Would you need feedback to know when the motor stalled on contact? How would you achieve enough force to hold the phone and ensure that it was locked when the motor wasn't powered to prevent the arm allowing the phone to slip out? I guess you give it some mechanical advantage by angling the arm slightly to add some friction but the arm still needs to stay firm when unpowered.

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