Project guidance

I want to know how can i control two servo motors with the arrow keys on the pc keyboard using arduino.Also i want to know how can i program limit switches used to stop the rotation of the motors.

The Servo library is built in and is used to control hobby servos and ESCs, it can use any pin. Its pretty simple to use.

You'll need a suitable supply for the servos, they may need around 1A max each.

By PC keyboard you mean you are talking to the Arduino using serial from a PC? The Serial library is what you need on the Arduino side, you might want to find a terminal program on the PC (OS dependent), although the serial window in the Arduino enviroment allows sending of lines of characters (you have to press return).

If not via PC, but a bare keyboard, there are libraries for reading PS2 keyboard signals - and the pinout is well ducumented around the web too. It might involve some soldering or finding a break-out board.

Putting it all together means programming, and if that is new to you have a look at the examples and find tutorials.

MarkT thanks for replying, I want to tell you that i have the arduino uno board also i just want to check if i can use the arduino software to control my servos using arrow keys of the keyboard and not other software. Regards.