Project guidance

Goodday, please me out. Am trying to design a wireless heart monitoring system, can arduino nano perform the task with the following specification. 1. Electrode 2. Analog circuit 3. Analog to digital conveter (ADC) 4. Pre-processor 6. Wireless transceiver (bluetooth module) 7. processing unit (PC or smart phone)

That isn't a specification. It's a list of components. Specifications would include what each is expected to be able to do.

There are only about ten thousand heart rate monitors built on Arduino all over the internet. Why don't you take a look at how others have solved this?

An Arduino Nano can do quite a lot with the appropriate sensors, communication add-ons and power supply. Are you attempting to develop a portable product which monitors heart beat, pulse etc. over a period of time and can have the data downloaded periodically for analysis ?