Project Help: RFID, Clock , clock and more  (Noob)

I will state right off the bat I'm a biologist and I am new not only to arduinos but to electronics in general.

I have inherited a project monitoring penguins in Argentina. Over 200 penguins have been implanted with 134.2 khz RFID tags. The old system, with the antenna coils imbedded long mats and a custum made reader...has a lot of problems which I won't go into.

What I need is this, RFID reader paired with input from a weighbridge (a scale penguins walk over, which has already been built) that logs the RFID reading, with the weight of the penguin and a time stamp. This data should be down loaded onto a data-logger of some sort. Is this possible? Could it be done with a single Arduino or do I need more than one? What reader do you recommend? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Hey what a great project :)

Yes you should be able to do this with a single arduino. There were several people looking into weighing about a year ago, try searching the posts. You could even use a Wii fit board to do this. As to the reader I haven't come across one of this frequency, however it is close to the standard 125KHz that if the data format is the same it should read OK. I designed a reader that used both 125 and 156KHz cards of different data formats so there is no problem with that. Your problem is finding out exactly what format you have.

The Wii fit is a great idea and may make things cheaper...any idea on how to interface it with an Arduino?