Project help

Hi, i’m new to Arduino -

I have a project in which i need to produce a prototype for. I am trying to make a device that you can record a sound on, and then when someone steps onto a pressure sensor it triggers the sound to be played.

I cant make it much simpler than this really - i have done some research into sensors and infra red sensors. I’m not sure what type of recording device or sensor should be used for it or how to link them together as I have never made anything like this before

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


MP3 shield for audio, and a few pressure sensors should work. If you use a mega or multiple arduino's, you can expand so much further.

HazardsMind, can you be more specific and give a link to the shield you mention ?
I was looking for a shield that is able to record and playback myself, but there are too many shields and I don’t understand the difference.

Im not aware of any MP3 shields that you can record directly to. You usually record the audio files from an outside source (computer) and put them on a SD card, then play them from the shield.

There all pretty much the same, so its really your pick as which one to buy.

Google turns up lots of hits for ‘MP3 shield’ and you just need to read the spec to see whether it supports all the features you need such as the ability to record. You really can’t expect strangers to do research on your behalf.