Project help

I am trying to make the Arduino into a power supply, but I am unsure on how to start. I am looking to generate a voltage range of -1 to 1. (If that is even possible). I was wondering what I might need to make this circuit(resistors, op amps .....etc). also if possible how connect them. Thank you in advance

Easy to make +/- 1volt with a PWM output and an opamp.
But what current do you need.
Tell us more about your project.
There might be other ways.

hey thanks for the reply, I am not sure if I need a specific current, but for the project I need to run a voltage ranging from -1 to 1 through a thin plate that has special coating that will change emissivity with varying voltage. IF that helps, I am not sure how much more detail you need.

How much current? That'll be the key. An IO pin can only out out 20-25mA. If you need more than that, we need to know how much so appropriate circuitry can be suggested.

Does the supply need to provide any current, that is mA or Amps.
Can you post a diagram of how you are going to connect the power supply to the thin plate?

Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile:

Please supply a link to what it is that you are controlling.


hey guys sorry to take a while to reply i was getting the specifics for the project, oh and I don't necessarily have a link to anything as this is a design project I am working on for school. I am just looking for some guidance, because I am having trouble where to start.

Need the following in our test set up.

  1. Voltage surge protector such the it doesn't exceed +0.5V and -1.0V.

  2. This means a switch is also need to change from +0.5V to -1.0V

  3. Current should be around 1-50mA.