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Hi Everybody,

I am planning to make a combination lock that can be operated with DTMF shield.So the DTMF sheild outputs BCD (binary coded decimals) data along with STD ( which goes high momentaraly with each button press).

I truly need you experts help to get an idea on how construct this.

the requirments are …
1.should support user defined password. the pressed number in serial monitor.

My DTMF decoding sketch is just fine. please have look…(got from internet.)
and I prefer a combination lock with user define password like the one which is attached over here.
please help me to combine these two together or give any possible idea.

Thank you.

dtmf_sketch.ino (2.02 KB)

sketch_dec19c.ino (2.88 KB)

please help me to combine these two together

You have some code that has some functionality. You have some other code that has some other functionality.

You want to create a program for which you have stated no requirements, other than saying that it will need to use some of the functionality from each existing program.

As you can imagine, "I'll go determine their requirements. The rest of you get busy coding" doesn't work too well.

Thank you PaulS for your prompt reply…

what would you suggest me to start with…I am a newbe and interest of learning things
with experiments.

Actually I ripped some lines of the code from DTMF decoding sketch and some from the other sketch.
eventhough it worked half way and stuck up in the middle.

Thank you.

what would you suggest me to start with

Some requirements.

I want an application that can… You fill in the blanks.

When you have that, you can look at the two sketches you have and say “Well, I can use this function to do 1.6.1.A and that function to do 1.2.5.D…”. Then, you just write a little bit of code to glue everything together.

Without requirements, though, you are wasting your time trying to glue bits and pieces of flotsam and jetsam together.

Thank you PaulS...

As you said first I'll organize the lines and try to put them together...thank you again and appreciated.