Project Help

So I’m trying to recreate the smart basketball project here: Smart Basketball Scoreboard - Arduino Project Hub

I’ve done mostly everything the same except I changed the .ino code for the LED since I couldn’t understand how he did it and also he might have used a common anode whereas mine is a common cathode. I’ve attached it here.

The current issue is that both Made Baskets and Missed Baskets are counted as +1 towards “Scores”. I’ve tried multiple tests on the app in MIT App Inventor so far the only change that made a difference was changing the “Call BluetoothClient1.Receive Text Block”
See image (1.png) which is the original and (2.png) which is the test I did.

After running this version of the app, it did the same thing of counting both Made Baskets and Missed Baskets together as the same thing but this time +1 to “Misses”.

I’ve attached the screenshot of the Blocks from MIT App Inventor(App Blocks.png), my google doc on what I’ve done so far and the edited .ino file, if anyone could help I’d appreciate it!

Google doc link: 4139 Troubleshoot - Google Docs


scoreboard_edit_ino.ino (7.07 KB)