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Please check the diagram 1st to understand the problem and the code:
While the switch is on
a) the System should be on and it should print out on monitor “ System is on” Problem : it keeps printing out system is on for infinite times.
b) When it calls the function teamreading(). Pin 13 should go on and it should send a signal to relay .if relay detects the signal it should turn on the heating element and led as shown in figure. Problem: the reading from temperature decreases without using any heating element.
c) if we put delay on each output such as Serial.print(tempC) Problem: while the loop() keeps running for infinite times and user try to turn off the switch it does not detects it.

I have written following code:

// These constants won't change:
const int sensorPin = 2;       // pin that the sensor is attached to
const int ledPin = 9;           // pin that the LED is attached to
const int indicatorLedPin = 13; // pin that the built-in LED is attached to
const int buttonPin = 2;        // pin that the button is attached to
boolean calabrated = false;   // have we calabrated the sensor
//boolean calibration = false;  //
boolean onMsgSent = false;
boolean offMsgSent = false;

float tempC =0;
float tempF=0;
int tempSen=0;

void setup() {
  // set the LED pins as outputs and the switch pin as input:
  pinMode(indicatorLedPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode (ledPin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode (buttonPin, INPUT);

void loop() {
    // while the button is pressed, take calibration readings:
  while (digitalRead(buttonPin) == HIGH) {

    Serial.println("System ON!!!!");
    if(digitalRead(buttonPin)==HIGH) onMsgSent =false;
    //if(digitalRead(buttonPin) == HIGH) calibration = false;   
  calabrated= true;
  // signal the end of the calibration period
  digitalWrite(indicatorLedPin, LOW);
 Serial.println("System OFFFFF!!!!");
  if(digitalRead(buttonPin) == HIGH) calabrated = false;
  // do other suff here

void tempreading() {
  // turn on the indicator LED to indicate that Heating process is happening:
  digitalWrite(indicatorLedPin, HIGH);
    Serial.println("System is on.. This part is operating!!!!");
    if(digitalRead(buttonPin)==HIGH) onMsgSent =false;
 //Serial.println("System is on this part is operating!!!!");
  int reading =analogRead(sensorPin);
  Serial.print(reading);Serial.println(" Current Reading");
  if(reading < 920)
    digitalWrite(indicatorLedPin, HIGH);
    float voltage = reading*5000.0;
     voltage = (voltage)/1024.0;
     tempC = (voltage -500)/100;
     Serial.print(tempC); Serial.println(" degress C");
   digitalWrite(indicatorLedPin, LOW);
    Serial.print("Temperature is more then 40*C");

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