project idea: discus

hi guys

i have been playing COD MW2 alot recently have come up with a project idea

i want to make a autonomous sentry gun ;D :sunglasses:

of course it just has to be arduino based

there are 2 ways i can see to do this - webcam and take a screen shot every fram and track the motion which i think is pushing it for me

or! i can make it only track IR - so the person has to wear a IR LED to be tracked - probably more to my skill level i would imagine

are there any other solutions i have missed?

i will get the turret made from aluminium and CNC cut (good to know people eh! :wink: )

should be a beast when its done

the final aim is to be able to hook it up to a air gun and be able to take clay pigeon targets out in mid air

You’ll shoot your eye out, kid.

hello mr taliban, show us bin laden

interesting concept but the text directly below the image clearly indicates a ninja motif

no matter how you “go about this” arduino is not going to capture web-cam stuff process it and react within 10 min of whatever it saw (that is if it even had the memory to do any of that)

I am working on a similar project but with an airsoft gun and having it mounted on a little robot :slight_smile: then it will drive around autonomously shooting what ever is around it.

the challenge will be to reach the off switch.

this is my first arduino project so I am still working on the robot portion. I will be following to see how your turret works out.

Good stuff.

i have been playing COD MW2

“Cause of Death: Making Wonky Widgets”? (Hey, it worked for Philips with “I2C”…)

Osgeld is right: image processing in anything near real time is too far beyond the Arduino. But check out what people have done using the cameras from Wiimotes.

Of course, that does require something like the IR LED beacon, which begs the question of how you’re going to get the intended victim to wear it. “Congratulations, Bill: in honor of your getting the best scores 10 weeks running, we’re awarding you this medal. Wear it always, especially when playing” :wink:

This topic got me curious, and I did a little checking on ebay as suggested by one of the websites on the subject. I found quite a few Wiimotes that appear to be knock-offs at less than half the price ($15-20 shipped) of the official ones. I’m wondering if they’ve skimped on features like the camera to make that price, or are using sub-standard parts. Does anyone have any experience with them?

i know the arduino cannot do the image processing - i was thinking of a VB program to look at the frames and send data to the arduino to do what it does with the servo’s

as for sticking them with the IR ill worry about that later ;D

i was thinking of a VB program to look at the frames and send data to the arduino to do what it does with the servo’s

That’s probably be do-able with people as targets. But I missed the line about clay targets when I first read your original post, and I suspect the combination of delays in communications and relatively-slow servo response would rule out “robo-skeet”. Unless you went beyond R/C-type servos to the really expensive sorts used in industrial robots and military weapons systems.

You want to fire a discus?
Those things weigh two kilos - that’s going to hurt!