Project Idea, Feasibility

Hi All,
I’ve read in these pages and elsewhere on the web that people have successfully interfaced their arduinos with Wii and PS3 remotes. I’d like to have my arduino act upon commands generated by an XBox 360 wireless controller. I have been trying to find help achieving this but so far my half-baked plan includes the possible use of a usb host shield and a PC/XBox Controller adaptor (usb)see attached pic. Any thoughts out there? Any ideas gratefully considered. Thanks.


I've not done anything with these, but a short google-fu showed that the wireless protocol used is closed and proprietary, so your USB sheild and the controller adapter idea probably is the simplest way to do what you're after.

Cheers ! Geoff

Cheers Geoff,

I reckon I may have to abandon this one, the learning curve is too steep for me, considering I cant even get the xbox adapter to work on the PC, let alone a usb shield.

Have fun

Aha, got the wireless controller bit working on the pc now. Next, I reckon is to try somehow to find out how to identify/make use of the signals generated by the usb device. Hoping the usb host shield helps here. Don't reckon there's a library out there or the xbox 360 wireless controller as there is for the playstation or wii. Or can somebody tell me different?