Project idea list

I’m curious to see what other want to do with their Arduinos (regardless of actually doing it) Reply with your project ideas, suggestions and/or resources to information about projects posted. Here’s my list so far (some of these are not original, just things I want to do):

Intelligent bug zapper: shows how many bugs were zapped and average/cumulative zap time

Whole house climate control: Controls HVAC and ceiling fans, watches for diffs between upstairs/downstairs, ceiling/floor and outside temps. Could be made to control window shades and even opening and closing windows too.

Anti-tailgator: uses distance and speed sensors to light up a sign in the back window of a car. Uses LED matrices to display a random choice of “too close”, “back off”, “tailgator” or other brief message.

Energy efficiency/reporting: put current sensors on each circuit breaker in the AC panel and report usage.

UPS/power control system: Add power control and usage reporting to a normal UPS

  1. Delayed shutoff to allow projector TV cooling.
  2. Control circuit runs from UPS battery for total power shutoff.
  3. IR remote control

Auto-internals: read the OBDII data from the car and display the state of all the sensors, calculate MPG (mpguino?)

RBS lights and switches: My rolling ball sculpture has many switches on the track and I decided to use my Arduino to trigger lighting events from them.

Ultimate computer case fan controller

  1. Fan speed control per sensor or multiples
  2. All fans to max speed by any sensor breaching alarm threshold
  3. Always on mode: fan never turns off
  4. Min/off mode: fan turns off below the minimum temperature
  5. Mode assigned per fan
  6. For fans controled by multiple sensors, control based on highest sensor or by average of all
  7. Manual override for any/all fans
  8. Temperature thresholds per sensor: Low/off, Max speed, Alarm
  9. LCD display shows current temp, alarm temps and fan params
  10. UI uses cycling mode button and two value buttons
  11. Choose between PWM and analog output? Per fan? hmmm…

Would you concider contributing those ideas to this list? :slight_smile:

Cool ideas :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ve added them to that page with brief descriptions.