Project idea

currently i am trying to find a way to record data moving along a cable between and electronic lock and its programmer (I am trying to find a work around to a problem we are currently having) i have tried to do a bit of research on it but i cant find any results so far
the only detail i have so far is that the lock is coded in E language using a pre-programmed E-Prog to do its programming
for now i am just working on the idea i might be able to reproduce the signals going out to replace the original programmer (as it is no longer being produced anymore) with a simpler device if not a program running off of a laptop or something similar

not sure if i have explained myself very well so basically i'm looking to capture the data being transferred and log it into a document on my laptop
and was wondering if the arduino would be capable

Thanks everyone!

Do you have a link to some detail about this lock?

The best way to do something like this is using the proper tools. The bus-pirate or a logic analyzer comes to mind. There is a simple LA project using an arduino here: Arduino Forum

Is this one wire, two wire, 3 wire for comms?

so the lock is a Lagard 33E
that is there site but there isn't any detail on there site as it is a security product, but i can tell you the comms port is a 4 pin plug

thanks for your reply