Project ideas for an accelerometer?

I've just got my accelerometer working, but I'm not quite sure what to do with it now. Does anyone have any ideas as to what'd be a cool project?

trot line alarm!

Err, whats' that?

A heavy duty finshing line mostly secured to jugs used to fish for catfish.

That way when a big fish comes you can have a siren on the bank to let you know you have a big one!

First thing i did with mine was to mount it on a breadboard with the arduino and make a simple app in processing that mimicked the physical movement of the breadboard with a 3d image on screen.

Ok, that wasn't the first thing. The first thing was an app that just streamed the readings back to my pc followed quickly by a feature that streamed readings and complained if it detected being turned upside down.

I played with that puppy off and on for weeks - have fun!