Project ideas please?

So here's what I got in an a good deal on ebay. 5,000 orange led's 10 shift registers. on my table i have my trusty arduino and quite a few common electronic componant's. i've never had this many leds, so many possibilitys any one have ideas?

Well, my first thought is that 10 shift registers probably won't be enough to drive 5000 LEDs ::)

Chase lights can be fun. With an Arduino, you can do lots of varied patterns and speeds. Or make a "Knight Rider" bar that gradually fades the leading and trailing LEDs to make a really fluid-looking movement.

Make bars or matrices of 24, 60, and 60 LEDs, and turn on one LED per second/minute to show the time in graphic form.

If you have a long hallway, make several "light fixtures" of 10 or 20 LEDs apiece, and distribute them down the hall. Put an Arduino with a Ping sensor at one end of the hall, and use it to figure out where you are, and turn on only the nearest light(s).

Put LEDs all over your car, and use the Arduino to animate them so you look like UFO (or a carnival ride ;D) going down the street.

Mount them around your patio, and make them "dance" in time to the music when you have a party.


any one have ideas?

Look for a power supply that can do lots of current. ;D


Build a scrolling banner for the back of your car so you can scroll messages across it like Times Square. Of course, you would have regularly used messages stored on some hotkey buttons…you know, like “back off,” “Hubba hubba.” things like that.

lol some good sugestions guys :-) thanks

How about an animated 3d LED pumpkin. The mouth and eyes could be driven by a duino while the sides and back could be static. Add some green leds on top for a stem and you are good to go.

Best of luck on your project. Hope it all works well for you.